What process do you use for printing my image?

Dye sublimation printing produces a vibrant color transfer that is unmatched by any other process. Special dyes are printed on paper and transferred using professional heat transfer equipment. The heat changes the dyes into a vapor which penetrates the material.


By comparison, screen printing is applied on top of the glaze, exposing your image, and leaving the image vulnerable to scrapping and damage. Through our process, the graphic actually becomes part of the material. There is absolutely no feel to the print, since the ink has penetrated beneath the surface.

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Does the printing process leave a stiff feel to the fabric?

No - because the dyes actually fuse with the fabric, the image is virtually indestructible and can't be felt on the surface of the shirt. 

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Do you offer any color other than white?

At present our sublimation printing service is only available on white 

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I'm not sure about the quality of my photo/artwork?

Your product will reflect the quality of the photo or artwork you send us. If your artwork is blurred/out of focus it will not reproduce well. If we think that you will not be happy with the finished product we will tell you before we print it.

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Can you reproduce any photo/artwork?

We can only reproduce images or artwork where you hold the copyright or are the creator of the design. We cannot reproduce published artworks. We reserve the right not to print any image that we deem unsuitable. 

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How do I send you my photo/artwork?

By mail - you can send us your artwork or photograph by mail - we will scan the artwork/photo as required.
Online - to ancientvalleyranch@yahoo.com please send image in .jpg .bmp .psd .psp or .gif  format. 

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Determination of Charges: All of our charges are calculated on an order by order basis. 

Design Services
: We have design services available, if you do not already have a logo for your organization. Terms are available.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required when orders are placed.
A C.O.D. balance will be due when you receive your order. Net 10 days applies to balances on established accounts.